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Manufacturers designed this system deliberately so humans would not be able to interpret the codes. QSeer unleashes the power of the Android to give you the ability to see what information is hidden in these barcodes and how to use those details to minimize your grocery bill.

QSeer not only reads the new barcodes, it converts them into plain English that you can use to plan your shopping.

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QSeer helps you match a coupon to the right product size and variety, eliminating those nasty check-out surprises. Press one button, and then hold your Android over the coupon barcodes. QSeer does all the rest automatically!

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While your download does include a professional tutorial, you really will not need it. QSeer flashes an alert if a coupon contains a hidden code that suppresses the multiplying bonus! The new barcodes are so complicated that many have some sort of error. QSeer alerts you to the errors that are likely to prevent a coupon from scanning properly. The new coupon codes allow manufacturers to track when you use your coupons and exactly what you buy.

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They can hide a customer number, an IP address, or even your Social Security number in the barcodes. QSeer will alert you when a coupon contains one of these tracking codes. Note that QSeer does not ask you for any personal info — we only alert you when it is there!

QSeer was built by a team that includes two extreme couponers, a pair of Mathematical geniuses, and a marketing expert who formerly designed coupons for Kraft Foods.


QSeer is designed for the needs of couponers by people who truly are experts with coupons. QSeer is a coupon barcode interpreter. QSeer only reveals the information that is encoded on a coupon without any moral judgment or redemption suggestions. QSeer is not designed to be used as a vehicle for the misredemption of any coupons. Aveva un coupon respinta o non riescono a raddoppiare senza motivo? I nuovi codici a barre su buoni convertire tutti i termini importanti in un codice leggibile dalla macchina.

Produttori progettato questo sistema deliberatamente esseri umani non sarebbero in grado di interpretare i codici. Premere un pulsante, e quindi tenere il vostro Android sui codici a barre cedolari. QSeer fa automaticamente tutto il resto! Mentre il download include un tutorial professionale, davvero non ne avrete bisogno.

QSeer lampeggia un avviso nel caso un coupon contenente un codice nascosto che sopprime il bonus moltiplicatore! QSeer avvisa agli errori che potrebbero impedire un coupon da scansione correttamente. Possono nascondere un numero cliente, un indirizzo IP, o persino il vostro numero di previdenza sociale nei codici a barre. QSeer stato costruito da un team che comprende due couponers estreme, una coppia di geni matematici, e un esperto di marketing che in precedenza coupon per Kraft Foods progettato.

QSeer rivela solo le informazioni codificate su un coupon senza alcun giudizio o rimborso suggerimenti morali. Recensioni Norme relative alle recensioni. Caricamento in corso